Reproduced with permission from the Staten Island Source, 9/23-29/2004 edition.

Relax at the Perking Latte
with Folk Singer
Gary Paul Hermus

Photo of Gary Paul Hermus

Some of the best music can be found in small coffee shops and local clubs. Whether it's here on Staten Island or another town deep in the U.S., these venues have housed some of the best hidden talent and undiscovered artists in the music world today. Performers like Billy Joel and Bruce Sprinsteen got their start in such local meeting spots, but local folk artist Gary Paul Hermus is just happy with his periodic stints at the Perking Latte and Cargo Cafes, even if it means he may not become the next "American Idol."

Storyteller; singer and songwriter Hermus has a sweet toned voice and uses melodic finger sytle guitar work to give the audience a soothing peaceful experience that can be much appreciated at his night shows after a long, hectic day at work. Just tour his web site,, and you'll get a sense of his down-to-earth personality and relaxed attitutde. He's definitely not a high-maintenance guy.

At most of his performances, Hermus tells the audience simple tales of love, laughter and loss; stories anyone can relate to.

A life-long musician, Hermus has played with a number of different bands before he went solo, including the classic rock band, Joined at the Head, and the country band, Shotgun Wedding. He's even played bass for the Latin band, Satie, in the 1980's.

Gary Paul Hermus will be performing at the Perking Latte Cafe at 840 Castleton Ave. on Friday, September 24 at 8 p.m. Visit his web site for a list of future performances and interesting anecdotes.